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hey everybody how's it going my name is usmanand today i'm bringing you guys a quick and simple video about where to download and howto install mods in gta 5 on the pc, so before i begin, i just wanna give you guys a quickreminder, everything you gonna see in this video isjust for single player only, because rockstar does not like or want mods to be in gta onlineeither way you cant load gta online when your playing with mods in single player so you have to delete the mods in order to getonline, so the website i use to download mods are gtauniverse and gta 5 mods there is plenty of other websites as well,but make sure you find the legit websites,

not some scamy websites, and for this tutoriali'm gonna be showing you guys how to download mods from gta 5 and how to install them on your pc, but before that you wannadownlod and install the grand daddy of mods the script hook v, basically there will bea link down in the description, you wanna click on it and you wanna download scripthook 5 once you downloaded it, open it up using winrar,go inside of the bin folder and copy all the three files and then paste all of the filesin your grand theft auto 5 folder, if you downloaded gta 5 from steam, normally youwill find your grand theft auto 5 folder, locatedinside of program files (x86), steam, steamapps,

common and grand theft auto v, but i downloadedfrom social club and i decided where to save, that's why it might be different from you guys, but its still the same conceptyou always have to paste mod files in your grand theft auto 5 folder, so script hook5 basically gives you all the general mods, such as being invincible, running boost, allthe weapons, full ammo, explosive ammos, you can play asdifferent charcters and animals in the game, you can change time, the weather, pretty mucheverything which is pretty awesome, so to open script hook 5 f4 is the key, to scroll down you have toprss 2 on numbers pad at the right of your

keyboard, 8 to scroll up, 6 to go right, 4to go left and 5 to select and f4 to back out and close, so that's how it works andthat's how you install mods in your gta 5, now if you want to installsome different mods from websites it's the same thing, so simply head over to gta 5 modswebsite, there will be a link down in the description, go over to script section and you can look and downlaod modsthat you like, you can even choose to see the latest mods, highets rated, and most downloadedmods, so i'm gonna click on most downloaded mods and i'm gonna be downloading the policemod, so it's the exact same thing you wanna copyand paste all of it's files in your grand

theft auto 5 folder except read me, but we'regonna open up read me to see the controls to start, so it's says f3 and so on, so there you guys have it, if you're havingsome issues and you don't know how to install mods feel free to comment down below and iwill make sure to help you out, so if you did enjoyed today's video and ifthis helped you out be sure to smash that like button and also if you are new aroundhere make sure to press that big red button down below to susbcribe for more awesome gta5 and black ops 3 videos, so yeah guys that's really about it.

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