Wednesday, February 15, 2017

free android games apk offline

free android games apk offline

what's up everybody! muwen360 is here withanother video here and in this video i want to show you how you can watch real, free,television, for your android phone or tablet.this is real television, real tv. so i will showyou how to do it here in this video. first, what we are going to do is to download anapplication that will allow us to do that. the app itself is 100% legitimate, not fake.many people use it and it's probably one of the only legitimate ways i know of that allowsyou to watch tv for free on android. first, you need to allow the installation of appsfrom unknown sources, places that are not from the google play store. go to 'security",check the box that says "allow installation of apps from sources other than the googleplay store. click on "ok" when a warning window

pops up. next, you should go to your preferredweb browser for me i use google chrome. go to this web page i willhave a link of this web page down in the description below so make sure you go check it out. afteryou get to this web site, click on the first one at the top here "ustv". after you areon this page what you want to do is download the "direct apk". and then you get this warningbut just click on "ok" since it won't harm your device. as you can see now, it says "startingdownloading". and you will see it in the description bar and that will take a few seconds. nowit says it's download complete. i would just like to tell you that this application iswill probably work the best if you use it in the united states since it's ustv so i'mnot sure if it works in other countries but

you can still try it. now you would want toclick on the file that we've just downloaded from your notifications. now it will bringus to the installation page. it asks "do you want to install this application?" you wantto click on "install" on the right here. and then it says it's installing. it might takefew seconds. now it says "application installed" and you want to go down to the bottom andclick on "open". this is now the applications itself. "ustv android edition". the developeris ppclink. you then get this windows that says "information". " updated hbo, showtime,abc news, trutv, tnt, cw, axn, tlc(us). just click on "ok". end-user licence agreement.make sure you click on "agree". and it now it says information but you can just closeit. and now this is the actual television

interface itself. i now just want to tellyou that not every single channel, there are a lot channels on this app by the way thereis like 400, 500 channels. it has all the major television channels like bbc, showtime,star movies, cartoon network, bbc, abc news, animal planet, cnnus, tru tv, history channel,life time, food network, and tom & jerry, cnnit etc... but not every single channelon here i gonna work and also hbo as well. just because there are so many variables interms of how tv is gonna be played, blackouts, and everything like that. restrictions, sonot every single channel is gonna work and that is understandable. so not every singlechannel is guaranteed to work but most channels do always work. for example, i'm now gonnaplay a channel so let's go to tom&jerry. first,

it says "connecting". it's probably best ifyou have a good internet connection that's fast enough to support it. as you can seethis is tom&jerry. it does work. there are other channels in this app as well. it's gotall the major channels as i told you before. there is cnn as well. cnn, hbo, abc news,discovery. i'm gonna head over and play cnn. i watch it a lot. there are 4 sources thatthe content will be played and i'm gonna choose source 1. "getting streaming info". as yousee most channels do work and this is cnn that's currently being played. this is reallive tv not fake, not pre-recorded or anything so it's 100% working. this is a great that's basically how you can watch real free television on your android phone or tablet.i hope you enjoyed this video and make sure

to share this with your friends if you findthis video helpful. make sure you subscribe to my channel. folow me on twitter @muwen360and also on google+ @muwen360 as well. thank you guys for watching this video and i hopeyou guys have a great day! bye bye.

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