Thursday, February 16, 2017

free android games download apk

free android games download apk

hi guys! so, today im gonna show you how to download and install pokemon go on your iphone pokemon go only available in 3 countries united states, new zealand, and australia im from indonesia, and i cant download it from indonesian app store. so, to solve this problem. i will use a us account to download it. first step, tap on the app store and then scroll down, you will see apple id and all you need is sign out your account wait..

after you signed out your account back to settings, go to general then tap on language and region, change it to united states you can also choose australia or new zealand just wait.. then, open your safari not your app store you have to change your app store to your new region search pokemon go in safari and click install change your store from your country to us

wait.. lets see, top charts its us dollar not in rupiahs anymore, it means you've changed your store to united states trending searches in us is pokemon go, and i'm not surprised ok, click pokemon go click get and install so here choose sign in option, i will choose to create new apple id its because i'm indonesian and need us account to download this app fill in the blank! i will use my secondary gmail account

all you need is fill all the data its like making apple id on your country, its all the same nineteen not nine ten (bad pronounce) lol done, click next wait here in billing information, if you have all those things you can fill as you want (or have) because i dont have all those things, i choose none in billing information. now billing address fill this billing address according to the real us address

you can use fakeaddress just check the description there is generator that u can use to generate address, zip, phone numbers

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