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free android games mod

free android games mod

for this past christmas, my fiancee got mea brand new psp 3001 as my main gift. i couldn’t be more stoked, and as a super geek and techie,the first thing i did was figure out how to jailbreak it. i was floored to see that itwas a very easy process nowadays. i didn’t need to use random game x to forcedowngrade the firmware or anything, didn’t need a pandora battery.for this process, you literally just need a memory stick and a couple files. let’sjump in. [intro] for this jailbreak, you will need the followingthings: a psp - quite literally any psp will work(as far as i know), but this will only work

as a permanent jailbreak on the psp 1000 and2000 series. if you have a 3000 series psp like i do, you’ll have to re-run this appevery time you fully shut down your psp. i’ve had mine going for 2 weeks now and never hadto re-run it, even after taking out my memory card while it was in sleep mode, but it’ssomething to keep in mind. you’ll need a memory card. the psp takesa memory stick duo card, but i actually found a nice set of a 32gb microsd card, a microsdto memory stick duo adapter and a usb card reader for like $12 and it works great inthe psp. this is a much better option than trying to buy a real memory stick duo of anybig size, so i’ll post a link to my memory card in the description below.

if you don’t have a card reader to accessyour memory stick, you’ll need a mini usb cable to connect your psp to your computer,as well. lastly, you’ll need the pro-b custom firmwarefiles. links to these will be in the description below. ready? let’s begin. first, if you haven’t already, insert yourmemory stick into your psp and format it for the psp. it should pop up automatically askingyou to format it. if it doesn’t, in your psp menu, slide over to settings -> systemsettings -> and then choose format memory stick and complete the process.then go back to system settings and go to

system information and take a look at whatyour system software version is. if it’s on “6.60,” then you’re goodto go. skip forward, i will include a video annotation to the correct timecode.if it’s on 6.61, then you’ll have to run a downgrader app on your psp. i’ll put alink to it in the description below. if it’s on a system software version lowerthan 6.60, then you’ll need to manually update it. to do so, either plug your memorystick into a memory card reader on your computer, or connect your psp to your computer via amini usb cable. access your psp’s memory stick from yourfile browser, navigate to the psp -> game folder. inside the game folder, create a newfolder named update in all capital letters.

so the folder structure should be psp -> game-> update. next, download the official firmware version6.60 for your specific psp model. links to this will be in the description below. ifyou don’t know which psp model you have, check the serial number sticker on the bottomof your psp and it will say at the end. for example mine ends with “-psp-3001” somine is a 3000 series. once you’ve downloaded the “eboot.pbp”file for your model, copy that file to that update folder we created.once that’s finished, unplug your psp from your computer. on your psp, navigate to thegame menu, go to memory stick, and press x on “psp update ver 6.60” and let it install.

now you can proceed to installing the “procfw” onto your psp. for this tutorial, we will be using the 6.60pro-c fix3 cfw. there are other versions out there, but there tends to be compatibilityissues with psn games with those versions, so this is the version i recommend using.links to it will be in the video description. this will download a zip file archive of thepro cfw. use an un-zipping program such as winzip, winrar, or 7-zip to extract the filesfrom this zip file. there should be 3 folders here - “fastrecovery,” “proupdate,”and “cipl_flasher.” the “proupdate” app is used to installor uninstall the pro custom firmware. the “fastrecovery” app is used to re-activatethe cfw after shutting down the console.

the “cipl_flasher” app is needed to permanentlyinstall the pro cfw on 1000 series or compatible 2000 series psps. this will not work on 3000series and some 2000 series psps. plug your psp or memory stick back into yourcomputer if you haven’t already. copy these folders to your psp \ game folder.once the file transfer is finished, unplug the psp or memory stick and go back into yourpsp menus. use your psp menus to navigate to game andthen use the pro update app to install the pro custom firmware. a black and white text menu should pop up,asking you to press x to install and launch the cfw. press x to install it. your psp willreboot, and that’s… well… it!

once it’s rebooted, you can make sure itworked by going back to your system settings and click system information, and it shouldnow say “6.60 pro-c” for system software. now, this is a soft mod, which means it’snot permanent and won’t damage your system. so every time you completely shut down yourpsp - by either holding the power switch for 10 seconds or the battery completely dying- you will have to run the fastrecovery app from that menu to re-activate the cfw.if you have a supported 1000 or 2000 series psp, it’s possible to make this cfw installationpermanent. you can do this by running the cipl_flasher. if your psp model isn’t supported,it will just tell you so and won’t install a permanent cfw or brick your psp.

once all this is done, playing downloadediso games is very easy. simply plug your psp or memory stick into your computer and makea new folder on the root drive of your memory stick named iso in all caps. copy your isoor cso files to that folder, and you’re good to go! note: do not put isos in the psp/game folderof your psp, as they will just show up as “corrupted data” instead of a playablegame. and that’s it! you’ve successfully soft-moddedyour psp to play downloaded iso games, homebrew custom eboot games, use custom themes, etc.this will still work with official psp games via both physical umd disks and psn downloads,so you now have the ultimate psp!

thanks so much for watching my tutorial onjailbreaking your psp. if you liked it, be sure to smash that like button, consider subscribingfor more awesome tech videos, and comment down below with other tutorials you’d liketo see! there are also lots of links in the descriptionbelow to other great psp resources. a friend and i are working together to help get someclean psp tutorials and resources available, since these things can often be hard to find.if you need help finding anything, let us know! my name has been adam or eposvox, i’ll seeyou in the next one.

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