Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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free android modded games

i'm a master mind in military stratigement. (epic music with war scene) *screaming battle cries* *heroic music* (another war scene with epic music) more war screams! *war* (norway wins) filthy nazi norweigans

filthy nazi nergejinkskxj norwegians... *dancin'* ragdoll games... hilarious it is getting funny than this! it doesn't get funnier than this "more ragdoll games please" riddle games is like, a gift from god ragdoll games is like... a gift from god. [god, definetly not pewds] here ya go pewds.

[god, for sure] more views. another ragdoll game it's made by landfall games which is a swedish developer so you know it's gonna be a bomb ass çé¯éæƒ it's called "totally accurate battle sim- that looks amazing, this is... see this is the kind of game where... anyone can play. (anyone) you could literally put a ragdoll

in front of this game and it's still funny ohh okay. which one did i summon i summoned- which one did i summon? (the red ones pewds) i'm gonna guess these are my guys (you guessed right!) go boys get 'em *x-treme fighting* ahh shit they got fucked the useless piece of shit

i bet they're irish fine, we're doin' the cannon crew. send in the cannon crew four spearmen :o six spearmen :o what the fuck is the cannoncrew doin'??? fayah! *boom* *battle simulator games expectation*

*reality* holyshit fire dis cannon shoot- dsh-- yesh! ...cannon... ...ass... [neon genesis evangelion op. ] cannon ass (chinese: chinese characters/kanji) 10/10 would watch

*back to pewds* i love this game !!! ballista pvt. pewds: but sir! *chuckles* pvt. pewds: you can't afford a banother ballista. we can't afford to lose another ballis- commander pewds: shut the fuck up! we're doing the ballista! youtuber pewds: oh, wait we don't-- we can't afford it. pvt. pewds: that's wutch i wush trying to say you.

shut up okay... alright... no no no, no no! go to them (the archers) dammit. >:| *death* *louder death* *pain and sadness* (sadder than titanic) war... has changed...

*boing* that guy got shot in the fucking head. for sweden. this game is driving me insane i love it. oooh the catapult. two catapults... and the peasants! 10/10 strategic placing

charge the catapult (fayah!) *extreme concentration* what r those *sick vine reference bro.* what the hell are those?! jesus christ, man. what r thoooose oh my god he comes back *laughs like a goose*

wat arr doooooooss this guy is amazing! i'm like the best goddamn war general... sweden has ever known i'm like gustav the 2nd fucking adolf. i rek shit. i know how to fuckin-... *light echo* i know how to kill people! (dafuq pewds!?) you think we just let norway be it's own country? fuck that.

it's time, to payback! it's time to give us that oil moneh it's a... fierce battle... you out bidded me on ebay... i'll get you for this. come back here ya bitch that's right. *epic 1v3 clutch with epic background music* *this is gonna take a bit longer* *ah, here we go*

jã–rgen is goin' to get him. jã–rgen pierces his nipple! for sweden... for gustav ii adolf... *gustav intensifies* you'll never stop jã–rgen on their ballista. unless you fuck the ballista, that is gadammit. ohh. does that guy have his fuckin' sword up his ass? goddamn norwegians and their fetishes man

the battle of helsingborg... don't make me laugh you finnish scum. finnish scum. i'll finish you. (no pun intended) am i finnish?? no i'm swedish. (the more you know) what the hell, maann, what're ya doooiiiin?!??! fucking cowardly ass finland he's trying to be a tree thinking no one will kill him!!

get 'em boi waterya doin werdya goin!? aw shit, he's in b-deep trou-. ah don't go right at him! go, go right at him! (make up your mind pewds!) don't- oh my god that worked! (epic matrix worthy slow-mo with kickass music) "remember all the pain he's caused, the people he's hurt!!" "now make that your power!" aaaauuughuuauaahghghauauaugh

(cannon to the face) oh shit headshot! *heeerp* oh, there's a chance! (hopeful joik music from the north...) c'mon bois! (hopeful, inspiring joik music from sã¡pmi) tonight we dine in hell! (this is sweden)

*war and joik music* *just war things* (sad joik from the north) (such a dramatic joik...) d': me: you don't know what joiking is??? me: well, ya better go google it *slowmo* oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (joik, joik, joik joik joik, joik)

naaaaawwwwwww! d: ahhh... (sad, so sad, it's a sad sad situation) i... i'm down... my hoke- (wut?) i'm not... the swedish general... i'm just a piece of shit youtuber... :(

that yells in the microphone too much... (isn't that jack) but i'll be back! and, uhhh, yeah! th- i really enjoyed this game, i think it's really cool check out the link in the description. landfall games, you're making really cool stuff lately, i appreciate ya *smoochy smooch* and as always... stay awesome, bros.

*brofist* i don't think you're ready for this, but okay, are you, are you? i mean i.. look dude i've seen some of the weirdest stuff out there this cannot possibly shock me. *dancing men* *weird music??* five little monkeys jumping- woah! wha?

one fell off and bumped his head (cringe...) *pewds silently laughing* *end*

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