Friday, March 3, 2017

free apk

free apk

whats up guys today i'll be showing you how to get spotify premium for free on any android device that means unlimited skips the ability to download an offline playlist play the songs of your choice and stream extremely high quality audio you get all the premium features for free today let's get started first thing first what

you want to do is delete any spotify versions you have on your android device for example i have spotify beta right over here we're going to uninstall it ok now you wanna pull down the notification tab go into your settings and find lock screen and security screen and security right down here select it and check unknown sources

don't know if you can see that hold on right over here where it says unknown sources make sure that's checked on ok back home now for this next step you will have to use the link down in the video description below in this case i do have it on my google drive but you will have to download the spotify apk

6.3 where its at? and there it is it's a mod and i want to take your device in a negative way simply hit install open right down here sign it or login my username is 0 you will get a pop-up that looks like this lookout pop-up that says detect riskware spotify 6.3 whatever whatever gave you more info he ignore threat so we can

leave you the hell alone my user name is ben gd type that in there he and dj i capital d capital doesn't really matter but oh well alright my password is don't worry about that alright drop my phone for a second is it broken nope it's all good

school bags and spotify password is on their login now this is by far my favorite part and of course i will put the volume down because i do not want to get hit with another copyright strike or copyright strike period eminem best rapper life of course shuffle play volume down ohh man

now let's test this bad boy out check this out you can go forward back skip forwards get back what else notice right down here how he says go premium start my seven-day trial don't worry about that you already got premium you're welcome what you can also do is go into your settings and switch it onto offline mode

which means you can download any music you want and create an offline playlist you can also stream an extremely high quality audio so right down here it'll say streaming automatic quality and there goes extreme quality so whatever your ears chooses extreme quality once again download let's see what else you can do

home let's search of hopsin hlb as i and shuffle play and and you can also select whatever song you when i played without a problem whereas the limited version prevents you from doing that by the way if you want to buy any other items sitting on the table i will have a link down in the video

description below i have the samsung i mean amazon tap by far one of the best speakers i've ever use i can order stuff simply by tapping this an accent is something whatever tell me a joke what do you call an american revolutionary draws cartoons i don't think he did allure wow haha stop play too much trying to get me a

copyright strike but anyways the samsung galaxy note 4 beautiful device beautiful and also the samsung fast charger all of those will be laying down in the video description below by for a loved 1i something for somebody you care about and my life just went out wow ok anyways guys bendji d here from get fixed then i'm out like come on

thank you peace

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