Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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pewds: okey, i'm alive *punch sound* pewds: fuuuuuuuuuuuck! *happy moosic while everyone ingame dies* *t h e r e w i l l b e n o s u r v i v o r s .* pewds: ok, yea this is the best level pewds: ok we gotta--we gotta duck when the sign comes pewds:do-don't do anything ken: i cant even see the sign pewds: it it wil come fo-ken: ahhhhhhhhh

pewds: yeah good job pewds: ken's out. finally dat bitch left!!! *laughter* jack: check out my ass pewds! pewds: awwww yea look at my ass! pewds: yeaaaaahhhh pewds: i can't see it tho-- jack: sniff my poopy butt(dafuq?!) *smack!!*

pewds: waahhhhhh *undertale death music (goddamnit assgore)* pewds: ahhh! save me! save meeeeeh!! pewds: help! pewds: noo00o0ooo0o0oooo pewds: i'm still going in the distance! *jack and ken screaming while pewds is laughing* *haaax!* pewds: oh my god!

jack: wat happened? yeah! (in sync) "we're holding hands "(nothing gay about that) pewds: no no no n0 ken: yeah heh heh! pewds: ken has to win, he has-- its a condition *he-(smack!)* (to infinity and beyond!!!) pewds: w0000ah! pewds: the sign is coming the sign is coming!

jack: ok we survive dis ken pewds: you gotta jump(x5) pewds: ohhhhhh *suchwow!* pewds: i broke ma back pewds: ow my eye! pewds: fuck! go jack! go jack! i'll beat da shit outta you!!! ken: ah! my foot! *more screaming and yelling* pewds: he's got my hair!

pewds: jack fights like a gurrrl (uh triggered) pewds: r u pissing on me?(no ? maybeh ( í¡â° íœê– í¡â°)) pewds: really ken? you cannot wait one fucking--- save me save me! jack: ahhh jack: noooooooo pewds: oh great... ken is a try harding as usual guys... leafy: hey everyone, leafy hereâ„¢, i'm going to kill myself *triggered leafy fans* jack: felix don't die so fast this timepewds: ok

everyone: ahhhhh pewds: there's a poltergeist! pewds: ahhh pewds: i'm coming guys! (that's what she said) pewds: i'm coming! pewds: oh my god he lost his fa--- ahhhhhhhh pewds: jeezus! pewds: hey ken, why dontcha-- why dontcha come over here where it's nice 'n wet? *virtual orgy*

*sounds of pleasure and dying cats* *pewds came* pewds: i'm done ken: hey! no! no! pewds: fuck you! pewds: fuck you! dats right! im da winna! oh gawd *action movie sounds* pewds: oh oh ohh how did i do that? pewds: how did i do dat? *ken mumbling something*

pewds: oooooohhhhh you got knocked da fuck out! pewds: nooow, we're gonna have a play in thepapa ken: what da faq you say to me? pewds: ahhh no plez plez *pewds hops like a bunny* ken: where'd you go? ken: jack, no! pewds: get em down get em down! pewds: i'll never let go ken *titanic song- you know the one* pewds: i'll never let gooo(jack grabs poods) jack: oh shit, oh shit- mistakes were made

jack: nooooooo00000ooooo *poods the bird* *pewds kills ken* ken:aww yeee*pewds laughs while he is assfucked by ken* ken: haw haw haw yea! pewds: no no no please ken: ya like dat?pewds: how did you find me? jack: im coming felix! *fighting and yelling* pewds: aw you knocked me out!

*i thought this game was gang beasts not gang bangs* *sounds of pleasure or a dying whale?* pewds: ohhhhhh! pewds: jack's turn. ohhh! pewds: you guys like my magikarp cosplay? *pokemonâ„¢ battle tune* ken: splash attack!jack: ahh ha ha ha ha pewds: ah-yeeeaah! pewds: oooo

ken: splash tackle super effective! *what is this game anymore?* jack: the sound effects are so loud pewds: ooh i like your uh hair doo you look greeeeaaaaat ayy mark: why dontcha cum wit daddy over here? ( í¡â° íœê– í¡â°) jack: nooo god almighty pewds: let's get him all down, let's get ken down pewds: why are we all holding--- ow! pewds: no stahp!

markiplier: boys stop fighting, boys! c'mon boyz pewds: let go of my fucking eye, duuude! *screaming* mark: *with a toaster mic* like this game pewds: no! no! no........ jump attack! jack: come here you- jack: smã¶rgã¥stã¥rta! pewds: *laughing* smã¶rgã¥stã¥rta!(pussy/cunt/sandwich) jack: come here you fitta! (pussy in swedish) pewds: eyyy, watch your fucking mouth *while jack swears in swedish in the background*

pewds: hug! *aaaaaaah!* pewds: awww yeah *pewds and frends humping the air* pewds: yeaaaaa man pewds: it's like a dog when it scratches it's ass ??? *intense music* *you know what?*

*i don't need frands...* *hehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaa.* *poods smiles. his plan is almost regicide.* *his mission is almost complete.* pewds: awwwww, looks like you bois are in trouble! *dramatic musica* (secretly pewds singing) (get rekt) ken: you were there the whole time? ken: u cant let go im scared!pewds: dad!

pewds: dad! ken: jack you're the super hero, listen to us pewds: oh! (i bed punched the jack?!) pewds: $alada$$ pewds: woah! how the f--- oh nevermind :( alright! that was gang (bang) beasts hope you bros enjoyed. check out mark, jack, and ken if you haven't already for some reason link in the description and as always *smooches fist* stay toasty, hi everybody, top of the morning!

shitty comments by jimmy bielinski! i dunno who made the real captions. why are you still here i mean there is nothing here just go away

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