Tuesday, March 21, 2017

free download games apk file

free download games apk file

hey everyonethis is your friend mr.helper and today i am going to show you"how to download .apk files from google play to pc" sol lets get started open your internet browser typeplay.google.com then search for apps,games orwhatever you want you search i am going to search for"opera mini" now just you have to do iscopy this whole url

and then open new taband go to.... all of these websites are similarso you can go on anyone of them but i suggest you to go to this websitethis one all these website link will be indescription box so no need to worry about it so right click on this text boxand then paste it and then click on this blue buttonclick download link generate i am sorry for that now click on this green buttonand download your files

wait let me download it will take 13 more secsso i don't know.... how to make you guys waiting umm good so my files has been downloaded successfully now just you have to do iscut this app or copy this app and connect your android phoneand then paste these files to your computer oppose i mean android mobile

you can paste that files in memory card orin your phone memory,it's don't matter so now you copied your filesnow disconnect your phone from pc and open that folder where you copied yourfile in your phone and open and install it and enjoy but kindly "like" our video"comment" but if have any question and also "share" the video and don't forget to "subscribe" on the left top of the screenthere is a link

of our last video,if you in mood to watchmore videos like this then what you waiting for?click on it and watch it right now here will be the link bye,thank you for watching i hope you -_- you "subscribed"

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