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download mod games

download mod games

what's up guys are back with anothervideo and today i have something very special for you all to this might look like minecraft butperhaps like a beta version or an alpha version of the game but what thisactually is is an open source version that's completely unrelated it's notowned by mojang and it's not even written in java it's written in c++ andbest of all it's entirely free now if you see me look around like this againyou'll notice a lot of similarities but you'll also started noticing a lot ofdifferences so i'm gonna try to explain as much of this is possible to you guysi came across it a couple weeks ago i

decided i do a video on its own case andif you guys are interested in getting minecraft but didn't want to spend 30bucks and we're may be considered in the future this would be a good way to kindof get your feet wet with the game would be like so again there are many manydifferences in this as opposed to basic minecraft and i'm gonna try to explainall of it right now so again it is written in c++ instead of java and it'scompletely open source so it does make modding a whole lot easier also itdoesn't have any mobs it currently unless you get mom but it doesn't haveany mobs in it unless you get mods so at the moment it's almost basically on easymode i'm gonna show you an important

command if you're in creative modebecause it's about to turn night time so you just press / you just type in time 6,000 and that'll set it back today italso functions a little bit differently in that if you want a sprint you don'tdouble tap w the way you normally wouldn't minecraft you actually havetoggle buttons for us you have j which as you can see at the bottom middle ofthere as fast move disabled so if you see the way i move its way slower thanmost turtle like in the way things are done to let me present day once againand you'll see i can move fast and also you have k which will disable my abilityto fly and now i can only jump if i

press case again i'll be able to flylike normal now to give yourself the running in flying command you gonna haveto type in the following you'll type and / grant single-player fly just like thatand that will give me the employer on the same thing for spreading you justtype in / grant single player fast and again i'malready have emerged in both modes are defecting thinking but that's exactlyhow you would do it so let's start looking at some of the blocks that thishas to offer again there are two hundred and thirty four different blocks i triedto show all them in here so hopefully i didn't miss any but i'm pretty sure igot them all so here you have just your

basic regular test its functions almostentirely the same as a dozen minecraft but just a little bit of a differentinterface nothing to different you know that this one has a different lock thanthis one this is actually a lot just it's only for its busy made so that weonly you can use itself in single player it doesn't have any real effect it's theexact same in terms of functionality with this one but if you're on a serverthis will only be accessible by you alright so let's get to this next partof here so this is what about looks like in mind it's kind of odd looking i'm notcrazy about it all and it also functions a little bit weird but that's the gistof how you do it you also write the same

way you just right click on it and nowwriting it and move back and forth on it just like that it's it's it's similar tothe old school movement of how both are going to have that rolling action willjust get off get there we go before a continued to consider the review there's something that's also veryinteresting if i was to break a block you'll see it appears in my inventoryyou actually have the block appear on the floor but there are a coupleacceptance of that so if i place this grass block over here for example and ibreak this block right below it you'll notice that it'll come on the groundslike that but if i go on top but i can't

actually pick it up the way you pick itup as you hover over its little boxes like that and you get a left-click andit's now in your inventory so you get a little small nuanced but it was a littlebit confusing when i started but makes me giggle i easier ones i did a littlebit of practice so you have two different kinds of bed you have aregular bed like this and you have a fancy bed they have different craftingrecipes but they essentially don't have any major difference they do exactly thesame thing just looks a little bit cooler has like a nice little miniheadboard so nothing too crazy with that over here you have

different types of buckets and differentkinds of content in the bucket so you have an empty bucket a lava bucket andriver water as well as a water bucket so they actually have two different typesof water in this version of the game and this is what they look like so you havethis is what love looks like a little pool this is river water and this isregular water right let's head back over here and this is basically all thefoliage of the game has to offer so i tried to put all them here likethis the way you can access all the stuff like your inventory and whatnot isyour wordpress i and you can scroll through all the stuff over here theydon't there's not any really major rhyme

or reason you'll see like all thefoliage is kind of scattered about in a bunch of different directions so i justkind of picked them all out and i put it across here but it does have a lot ofthe basic stuff that you would find in minecraft and his gigantic actress overhere over here you have four different types of woods this one is a case so youhave like i think this one over here is jungle would this one is i want to sayoh this one as i think regular wooden one of these might be like pine i thinkif i'm not mistaken almost all the blocks in this game have half slabswhich i really like so you'll see you again this one has the truth the longblock the actual plank austere and the

plank itself so if you look around thisfor the youth and then you have obsidian you have an obsidian stare and anobsidian playing as well and these are basically obsidian obsidian stone you'llsee again i'll just go through all these you don't need to really know exactlywhat are the markets that will take quite a while to get the royal them butit does offer you quite a selection so if you're the type of person that likesto do a lot of intricate designs and you're definitely a builder this will besomething that you can definitely appreciate so let's just go through themover here i like the fabric design you like looks really clean you have fourdifferent kinds of dirt this one was

actually just regular dude but it spreadfrom this one i forget the names of the sort of like moss-covered i myself amnot sure exactly and then you have this one over here are you have a bookcasethis is actually a bone block looks like this kind of like a random drop sinceyou around the block of random dropperrandom spawn forget exactly how this comes to be a medicine creative butbasically since you can't kill mobs this will spawn somehow again a couple moredifferent blocks over here here you have different kinds of or you also havecopper ore in this one what you would find in normal minecraft now this is areally are block over here it's called

the messy block and here is called themessy lampitt spelled mesc these really aren't anything particularly special ibelieve this considered the third rarest block in the game but it's basicallylike an artifact from when the developer was creating something he just wanted tomake something kind of rare and unique and decided to leave us in the gameafter thing was said and done this is a mossy cobblestone block and this is thehottest thing that decides actually add in some minds us it's a neon cap lock somost of your probably familiar with young cats like the the old me and itlooks pretty much like a neon cat and if you go and jump into the back of ityou'll see it has like a little tail and

legs as well i get sued over here sothis is actually the rarest block in the game i think it's like 10 times rarerthan the actual message block that you saw over there and when you find one ofthese lcds rainbow blocks will be somewhere in proximity of the neon caplock doesn't really have any function but it does look pretty cool just madethis little design so i kind of look like the actual nyan cat version alrightso do you have some more blood to hear hear you have some different kinds ofpains a couple of hundred doors this doesn't actually fire any sort ofredstone powers open it though there were here

trapped or dnt glass do you have someiron bars and a fence here are some interesting kind of glassware that youcan store different different i think they're going to change this eventuallybut i think you'll be able to hold different kinds of fluids and these areyou have a furnace and you you have fifteen different types of war blocks soyou do have a pretty good amount of variety in terms of what you're able touse to build and a lot of the stuff in this model is not my brother but in thisversion of mind test my sister minecraft whatever you wannacall it is very colorful so again lots of options let's get into these testsover here cause we do have a handful of

items now so this is sort of themiscellaneous items just here let's go through all them so you guys can get afeel of things you have flower cotton red red mushroom spores brown mushroomspores cottonseed weed seed messy crystal paper book obsidian chard fireriver water source lava source wheat messy crystal fragment which these woulduse to be made to make the other message block and a pool reels latter signgunpowder i'm going to show you guys what this does is actually pretty cool piles of glass fragments snow and astick so what this actually is essentially this version of residentevil game so you can actually take place

gunpowder and i don't think it's likefunctional red zone yet i think you just would use this tool at&t as far as iknow i do like the the little curvature has it actually looks prettyaesthetically pleasing also something i didn't mention earlier you'll noticethat in the bottom middle of over here you actually don't have a limit of sixtyfour blocks and inventory slot and actually 99 so that is a prettyconvenient as it doesn't hold a little bit more stuff all right let's look into this next justover here here the different types of acts you have a bronze axe dymond messyacts steel stone and wooden over here

you can use the same thing these are allthe different types of pick ax same different doors here are these samplesthe different types of swords different types of hoes and here are again thedifferent types of ingots and stuff like that so they could for example you haveiron love scold lumps diamond copper coal clay etc some of these are not complete like thisone simon doesn't actually have an englishversion it struck me as a diamond and diamond block save them for iron lumpsyou don't actually have an iron block or tired and i believed to consolidate itslike steel which i think i forgot to put

near but i think it's somewhere i thinkended up leaving that somewhere in one of these steel stairs if i'm notmistaken i believe that this over here so it's like steel steel stairs and asteel slab already looked it was just as i own this one right there so the nextone is this one i am here are the different types of guys to make the thewall blocks that you saw earlier and finally we're going to look at thisthing over here this is basically a screwdriver and you can use this torotate blocks let's use on this just sexy let's do it on something a littlebit more noticeable seized on the stair block so for use on this right over herei just right click and it will rotate it

is something that some people have beenasking for in minecraft for quite a while and it's a pretty cool to have itmakes manipulating blocks really easy although i'd imagine if you had a ton ofthese in your world in minecraft at least it would probably like thingsreally badly since you have to have so much extra block data for it let'schange the time back to daytime just like that so pretty cool thing i wouldlike to have this in regular minecraft if it was an option also worth noting isthat this game loads much much faster than my craft for the most part it alsohas some pretty interesting world generation to see over here it does looka little bit plane that's partially

because it is lacking the same amount ofblocks as my craft does but you do have some really awesome like terraingeneration so again if you guys want to play like a free version of minecraftthis is definitely a nice introduction if i had not already bought minecraftyou know a long time ago when i was in a little bit hesitant on whether or not iwant to do it this would probably the way that i would go so let's get backdown over here and i made this little house show you guys what things kind oflook like so i have like two sons over here there's little wooden structuresoldiers opened his doors right here you have your little bed ihave some books over here some torches

the torches are very two-dimensionalyou'll see like you know if i stand firm like this it was completely disappearsbut they do give off light so far as to remove them for example gets really darkin here little furnace in here and here i have atrap door with a little chest inside so as you can see there's a lot you can dothis it's a double has a lot of capabilities i'm going to try to leaveas much information and does in the description in terms of like servers andmodern stuff like that as well as a download link so you guys can check thisout but this is definitely something really cool that i recommend you checkout something that you can definitely

have some fun experimenting with andalso if you're a much greater since this is entirely open-source there's a lotyou can do in terms of just getting a full creative control over anything thatyou want to add to the game and you guys that was just this video i hope you allenjoyed it and hope you guys can share this with some friends are some familycuz if they are if they're not familiar with minecraft then maybe you want totry to bring them into the world of you nice way to kind of get them toexperience it for free since you know for some people spending $30 onsomething that they're not familiar with that all might be a little bit maybe alittle bit of prohibitive so definitely

something that i think is worth for mostpeople to check out its hope you all enjoy this video leave a like if you did as it does helpme out a lot and subscribe if you wanna see video similar to this one of thefuture i'll see you later guys take it easy

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