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download mod

download mod

so how do you install fallout 4 mods with nexus mod manager? that is what i'm going to show you in this video. [music] now if for some reason you've stumbled across this video because you want to mod fallout 4 but you're not totally sure what nexus mod manager is or what a mod manager is ingeneral, i have actually done a video introducing nexus mod manager, what it is,and why we use it and i would direct you to go and watch that. it will explain everything you need to know.

however, assuming that you know that, we're going to start by covering the three things that you really do need to know beforeyou start installing mods the first thing you need to do is enable moddingon fallout 4. now i'm actually done a video devoted to just this but i will very quickly show you how to do it here you're going to need to go along to yourdocuments folder, and in your documents folder go to "my games," "fallout 4," andyou're looking for two .ini files fallout4.ini and fallout4prefs.ini you're going to need to make a couple of edits to those two files first of all i'll edit fallout4prefs.ini

i'm going to use notepad++ but you can use any text editor including notepad and you're going to need to go down to the bottom, and under the section marked "launcher" you need to add an option that says benablefileselection=1 if you already have such an option but it is set to 0 change it to 1 i will leave a copy of this command in the description down below so you can just cut and paste it into fallout4prefs make sure you save that. next you're going to want to edit the fallout4custom.ini file and again i'm going to use notepad++ and you will need to add the following lines: "archive" in square brackets

followed by "binvalidateolderfiles=1"and "sresourcedatadirsfinal=" and nothing i will leave a copy of these three lines in the description down below so you can copythem and paste them into this file. then you just save as you did before and you're done. now if you find you cannot save it, it's refusing to save, it says it's read-only, don't worry, just right-click on the file go to properties and make sure read-onlyis not set. so if it looks like that click it so it is not checked. hit applyand ok then you will be able to make the edit. please also note that occasionallypeople report that these two files do get refreshed when they do something, and it removes the edits they've made

so if all of your mods suddenly stopped workingone day check those two edits. that is a very likely culprit. the second thing you're going to need isto know where your fallout 4 data folder is i have mine stored up here, and to help you find it, you're going to need to know where your steam folder is. now i've installed steam on a separate drive, on games, but a lot ofpeople will probably use the default location which will be in the programfiles somewhere. wherever it is, you need to find it and you go to steam\steamapps\common\fallout 4 this is the game folder. you'll knowyou're in the right place because it

says fallout4.exe and fallout4launcher.exe don't worry if you don't see the .exe, that just means your operating system is hiding those extensions from you and the folder you're really interested in is the data folder this is where you will find quite a lotof ba2 files and the fallout4.esm file you generally need to know wherethis is. this is where all of your mods are going to be placed. i'm going to leavethis open. and thirdly, you're going to need nexus mod manager installed, fairly obviously. you can actually find a link to nexus mod manager at the top of the fallout 4 nexus page click on this link and basically click the correct button for you

if you're using xp click this button, ifyou're using vista, windows 7, 8, or 10 click this button and it will download to wherever it is you want to download it to. it is not dangerous, it will not harm your computer, so i'm going to keep it. mine has downloaded to mydesktop. once it's finished just double-click and begin the installationprocess, follow the instructions it's relatively simple. it does explaineverything as you go along you should probably read all of the notes it gives you, and again just follow the instructions if you are a little nervous about thisprocess, if you're not totally sure and you want a detailed description of howto install this tool and how to set it

up for every eventuality, i have made avideo devoted to do just that, to getting nexus mod manager set up perfectly and you should probably go off and watch that. so, you've now got the game ready to be modded: you know where your data folder is, and you've got nexus mod manager installed, and believe it or not the hard part is over. that's the bulk of the work. the rest is pretty damned simple so let's install our first mod. i'm going to actually choose realistic survival damage mod. it's a simple modthat will change the damage done in survival mode and it has a single fileplugin. to install this with nexus mod manager,

all you need to do is go along to the files section and hit download with manager on the main file. it willtake a second or so, nexus mod manager will detect it, and start to download. onceit's downloaded it will appear in this tab and to activate it, to actually makeit work with your game all you need to do is click this tick icon, "installand enable the selected mod" it's actually now installed and it should be working. i will actually show you inside the data folder there is now an esp file calledrealistic survival damage.esp any mod with an esp, and that is quite afew of the mods, it's a good idea to go along to the plugin section here andmake sure that particular plugin is

selected: realistic survival damage. and that's it, you've literally just installed a mod and it should work just fine. to show you a different type of mod i'mgonna show you value per weight indicator for container ui. this is agreat mod that adds an extra row in the container ui that tells you the value to weight ratio. but it's a mod that doesn't have a plugin file, the esp you saw for this. we're going to see what this does by installing it. i'm gonna download themain file once more and it's beat me to it, that's how small it's already downloaded and added it to the tab i am going to activate it and iquickly check the plugins and you'll

see nothing has added. don't worry, that'sbecause this mod does not have a plugin but if i go along to the data folder you now see an interface folder this is where the mod's files are. it's added two files. now watch what happens if i deactivate this, or disable it it disappears. i will enable it oncemore and the files come back. you can see how easy that is. as long as the modhas been packaged correctly by the mod maker you should be able to install allof the mods that have this button "download with manager" that easily occasionally there will be a mod thatis not that easy and i will show you how

to do that. but before i do that, i'mgoing to show you how to install mods that are from other sites or mods that you downloaded manually even from nexus mod manager. occasionally you will find a mod that you have to download manually. i'm actually going to choose a mod that you don't have to download manually but i'm going to download it manually anyway just to show you the process. this is the "no more cash register sound." you can actually download this the same way but let's assume this is a mod you got from somewhere else and you've downloaded it manually, i'mdownload it to my desktop again. so i now have this mod. mods are always come packaged as either zips, rars, or 7z files

these are archives. you shouldprobably have a tool on your computer that will unpack rars or 7z files, 7zip files, and i would suggest 7zip or winrar. they work perfectly. now there are twoways to add this mod to nexus mod manager you can if you want go along to the plus icon here, click it. itwill ask you to find the file. i will go to desktop and then choose "no more cash register" and it will add it. it's that simple. but let me remove it, as i'm gonna show you an easier way. take the file... drag it on.

and there you go. now i'm going to activate this. i'll move it down a little so you can see what appears in the data folder activate this. this time some files appeared in a sound folder oncemore no plugin to worry about for thisparticular mod. and that's it. you can now install mods from other sites. now there will be some mods that are a little more complicated than this but i'm not goingto cover them in this video. the mods i've shown you so far, the techniques youused to install those should see you

through hell of a lot of mods. however ifyou want to learn more about these complicated mods or if you find a mod that is more complicated and you need help with it, i have made avideo devoted to installing mods using nexus mod manager that goes into far more detail and you can check that one out i will leave a link down below. so hopefully now you know how to set up your game so it can be modded. you know where the mods are going to be installed and you know how to use nexus modmanager to install those mods and all that is left to do is wish you the best of luck in your modding endeavors.

i hope you enjoy modding your game and ofcourse playing the modded game. feel free to join me on any of my future of moddingvideos or any of my past ones for that matter you are more than welcome. i will of course look forward to seeing you on any such video. and until then remember as always have fun.

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